Royal Patrons of the
Royal Academy of Aristocracy

Royal Academy of Aristocracy (RAA)Royal Academy of Aristocracy (RAA)

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Darrick & Princess Anna were appointed as Patrons of the ‘Royal Academy of Aristocracy’ (RAA) on 11th day of April 2021.

The Academy comes under the protection & authority of HM the Omukama, Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I, 49th Omukama (King) of the Kingdom Bunyoro Kitara, Uganda.

Motto: “Habwa Obukama, Habwa Ababiito, Habawa Bantu Boona”
(“For the Monarchy, the Nobility and the welfare of the People”)

“The main task of the Academy is to bring together all the Aristocrats of the world”. And in doing so, working together to protect the heritage of the true dynastical Royal and Noble Houses as well as the culture and wellbeing of the people.

The aims and values of the RAA are reflected in those held by both the House of Kamakahelei and other Asia Pacific Royal Houses that are aligned with the House. Thus, it was a straightforward decision and one of honour for their Highness to accept the roles as Patrons of the RAA.

Their highnesses are also patrons of the Royal Heritage & Cultural Society (RHCSO) which is a ‘sister’ organisation to the RAA.

DISCLAIMER: The House of Kamakahelei has no affiliation nor association with an individual known as Idony Punahele Albert or the organisation styled as the 'Royal House of Hawai'i - Ka Hale Ali'i O Kamakahelei'.

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