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The Mon (emblem) of the Nagao clanThe Mon (emblem) of the Nagao clan

Ali'i Charles Augustus Baker, Prince of Kaua'i, father of H.R.H. Prince Darrick, married Shinshi (Lady) Elaine Nagao, a descendent of noble Japanese clans that settled in Hawai'i in the latter part of the 19th century.

As a great grandson of H.E. Col. Robert Hoapili Baker, Prince of Kaua'i and a grandson of Ali'i Lot Kamehameha Lane, a nominated heir to King Kamehameha V, Ali'i Charles Augustus continued the tradition of the Baker ohana with a marriage between noble families. (Unfortunately, this tradition had been disregarded by many of his siblings, especially by the younger & junior ranked siblings.)

H.R.H. Prince Darrick’s mother Shinshi Elaine Nagao belonged to the Nagao clan of Japan. The Nagao clan are one of the 'Bando Hachi Heishi': the 'eight Taira clans of Kanto' (the Chiba, Kazusa, Miura, Doi, Chichibu, Oba, Kajiwara and Nagao clans). The Taira clan was one of the four most important Samurai clans in Japan.

The Nagao clan held the positions of Shugodai (vice-Governors) and Lords of Shirai, Aomi, Hachigata and Kasugayama castles.

Shinshi Elaine Nagao also descends from the Yasuda clan, established by Oe Hiromoto. The Yasuda clan was made responsible for the collection of duties during the Sengoku period. And to this day, the Yasuda are known as the ‘financial clan’ due to their success in the Banking world.

And so the marriage of Ali'i Charles Augustus and Shinshi Elaine Nagao brought together several noble families of the Asia Pacific region, a heritage which H.R.H. Prince Darrick is most proud of.

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