HRH Princess Anna - Direct descendant of Emperor Moctezuma II and the Grandees, Ducal Houses of Spain

‘The Emperor Moctezuma II’ from the work “The discovery and conquest of the New World; containing the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus” Published USA 1892

HRH Princess Anna, the Princess Consort, is a direct descendant of Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II 'Moctezuma Xocoyotzin' and the Mexica Royal House of Tenochtitlan. Her Highness is a member of the Sotelo-Moctezuma family of Jalisco, Mexico whom have as its progenitor, Princess Marianna Lenor Moctezuma, daughter of Emperor Moctezuma II.

His Grace, Juan José Marcilla de Teruel-Moctezuma y Valcárcel, Duke of Moctezuma de Tultengo, Grandee of Spain. (Photo courtesy Jose Juan Marcilla)

Her Royal Highness is most proud of both her Indigenous American Royal descent and her Noble Spanish ancestry, the latter stemming from the Grandees (High Nobles) of the Kingdom of Spain.

The Grandees include the Dukes of Alba, the Dukes of Alburquerque and Diego Columbus, 1st Duke of Veragua & son of Explorer Christopher Columbus.

Duke Diego Columbus, Ist Duke of Veragua

In addition, HRH descends from the Counts of Monteagudo de Mendoza a title currently held by the Duchess of Maqueda, María del Pilar Paloma de Casanova-Cárdenas y Barón, 24th Duchess of Maqueda, Grandee of Spain.

H.G. Duchess Pilar of Maqueda, Grandee of Spain & H.G. Francisco Lopez Becerra Y Sole of Maqueda – (Photo courtesy Ignacio Gil)

During HRH Prince Darrick’s Royal visit to Spain & Portugal in 2019, Prince Darrick met with His Grace, Francisco Lopez de Becerra y Sole of Maqueda, husband of Her Grace Duchess Maria de Pilar of Maqueda, Grandee of Spain. His Grace wished to meet with HRH Prince Darrick in person.

The House of Kamakahelei unites the Royal Houses of Hawai’i with the Royal Houses of the Aztec Empire. And in humble tribute to their ancestors, their Highnesses continue to work selflessly through the charitable arm of the House of Kamakahelei by assisting with the health and education of the Indigenous populations of the Pacific and the Americas.

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