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Recently, the House of Kamakahelei and its supporters helped send face masks to the Dinétah/Navajo Nation through our new friend, Shannonlynn Chester.

the House of Kamakahelei and its supporters helped send face masks to the Dinétah/Navajo Nation
"Thank you to our Hawaiian relatives & the Royal House of Kamakahelei. These face masks will be distributed throughout Dinétah/Navajo Nation where they are most needed. Thank you for reaching out, for your endless support & for trusting me to carry out this collaborative effort to protect the Diné people. Ahéheeʼ."

Shannonlynn Chester

Shannonlynn Chester was born on the Navajo Reservation and she was fortunate to have her grandparents as her first teachers in the Diné (Navajo) way of life. She learned the language and is fluent since childhood. She has always been helping her people by actively doing her part to learn and keep the traditions and the Diné way of life alive. She believes in protecting the knowledge of the medicine people, healers, and traditional practitioners so that the Diné life-ways can continue. Her education is in Political Science, Environmental Policies and Indigenous Community Health which she believes helps her to give back to her people and all indigenous Nations collectively.

She is a mother, so the thought of future generations is very important to her. As an indigenous woman, she believes it is her duty to care for her people. The Diné are a Matriarchal society but she feels that they have been robbed of that given the history of assimilation and genocide. She believes in fully reclaiming their traditional ways.

Shannonlynn says that, "prayers and positive thoughts are always welcomed because on a conscious and subconscious level, we, as human beings and ultimately as relatives, can contribute to the positive energy fields that can bring about healing for not just Diné but for Earth's people".

Diné Healers Relief

There are several relief funds and organizations to contribute to. In order to support her effort, Diné Healers Relief, she has a Facebook page and accepts contributions via Venmo@dinehealersrelief.

If possible, she she prefers to have items such as, Organic Tea, Honey, Protein Powders, Vitamins and healthy immunity boosting foods delivered in bulk.

Diné Healers Relief currently operates out of Taala Hooghan Infoshop at 1704 N. 2nd Street, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004.

Artwork by Shannonlynns daughter, Shaniya Woods
Artwork by Shannonlynn's daughter, Shaniya Woods

Shannonlynn's wish is simple, she wishes for wellness, balance, harmony and beauty to be restored.

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