Patrons of The Sports program of the Federation de Memorial de l’OTAN

Fédération du Mémorial de l'OTAN.

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Darrick and Princess Anna have been created Patrons of the Sports program of the NATO Memorial Federation.

'The NATO Memorial was inaugurated on 02/25/2012, in the presence of the families of those who perished or were injured in foreign operations (OPEX), national representatives of the French State, consular representatives as well as as soldiers from NATO countries. It is located in the town of FRETHUN.'

'The NATO Memorial is sponsored by their Imperial and Royal Highnesses, Sandor Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Tuscany and his wife Herta Maragarete Lothringen, President of the Peace Flame Foundation.'

The sport program targets the youngest, but also all those who wish to promote the values of Friendship, Fraternity, Camaraderie, Reconciliation and Peace.'

Our thanks and appreciation to Monsieur Willy Breton, President of la Fédération du Mémorial de l'OTAN.

NATO Sport Trophy
The trophy is awarded during sporting events, individually or collectively, but also for disabled sports, wounded civilians and soldiers who are rebuilt through sport. It can be awarded as a Fair Play trophy. It is available to all persons or communities wishing to acquire it and hand it over during a sporting event or to award it.

Website of the Fédération du Mémorial de l'OTAN Sport Program:

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