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American Royalty – Succession to the dynastic rights of the Hawaiian monarchs

R.A.U. Juchter van Bergen Quast LLM FSS is a lawyer and Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. He is renowned as a well-respected authority on laws pertaining nobility, inheritance and royalty. He operates a website where he publishes thoroughly researched legal and historical analyses of some of the most interesting or contentious contemporary claims in the subject of nobiliary law.

He recently embarked on an examination of the complex history of the Hawaiian monarchy and published a balanced comparative assessment of various modern claimants to Hawaiian royalty which concluded with a very favourable assessment of the case put forth by the House of Kamakahelei, descendants of Hoapili Baker: “In my opinion, the situation before the unification of the Hawaiian dynastic families has currently been revived, and therefore there can only be heads of the pre-unification dynastic families. The Baker-claim is the only claim that is transparent, precise and honest in this respect.”

Given not only the proximity of blood ties to the last reigning house of Kalākaua, but the rich genealogy traced through a number of reigning dynasties including the prominent houses of Līloa and Moana, the House of Kamakahelei is happy to endorse this view. It is consistent with the claims put forth in the genealogy treatise published on our website here, and as such forms the basis for our ongoing mission in the defence and preservation of Hawai’is royal heritage.

To read more from the Nobiliary Law website, follow this link:


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