Patrons of the French Army and Security Forces Surfing event 2022

The French Army & Security Forces 1st Surfing competition
The French Army & Security Forces 1st Surfing competition

Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Darrick and Princess Anna have accepted an invitation to become Patrons of the French Army and Security Forces Surfing event 2022.

As patrons of the sports program of the NATO Memorial Federation, their Highnesses graciously accepted Patronage of the 2nd Surfing competition that brings together members of the French armed forces and police, in a spirit of competition as well as brotherhood.

HRH Prince Darrick was a keen surfer, a sport of the Ali'i (Nobles) of Hawai'i and thus this event has a special place in his heart.

NATO Memorial Federation
NATO Memorial Federation

The event originated with a group of police officers and members of the special and regular army forces, living in the southwest of France between Biarritz and Hossegor, who have been passionate about surfing for decades.

Frank Zancanaro, a former police officer, is the creator of this event and one of the founders and directors of the Santosha surf club, the largest in the region.

Open Surf France

The 2022 competition will develop categories for bodyboard; female and junior categories; emphasize the importance of protecting the world’s oceans and include the participation of wounded veterans of France.

Maj. Hervé Manificat
Maj. Hervé Manificat

The invitation to become Patrons of this year’s surfing championship was forwarded by Maj. Hervé Manificat, Officier de la Légion d’honneur, Chevalier de l’ordre national du Mérite, Croix de la Valeur militaire, a former Major of the Special Forces.

Major Manificat is a contributor to the Surfer's Journal (French version) and Hotdogger magazines. He has also written a few books, notably Waterman, the French translation and adaptation of the biography of the great Duke Kahanamoku, father of modern surfing, who came to France three times and helped develop swimming in France by doing several exhibitions.

Duke Kahanamoku was a family friend and National swim teammate of HRH Prince Darrick’s grandmother Ali'i Bernice Baker (nee Lane) and her cousin Ali'i Clarence Lane. Refer Article - “Hawaiian Swim stars in the Lane family


In addition, Maj. Manificat is a member of the ethics committee of the French Surfing Federation and is involved in the cultural and historical preparation of the surfing event of the 2024 Olympic Games which will take place in Tahiti.


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