Legal Notice

The Royal House of Kamakahelei, including family members and appointed officers of this Royal House, as recognized by H.R.H. Prince Darrick, Ali'i as senior member of the Royal House of Kamakahelei, are not collectively nor individually responsible for the actions, reactions, illegal or immoral acts or otherwise committed by an appointed individual who exceeds the legal and/or moral boundaries and obligations of their role and position. The expectation of all positions within the Royal House of Kamakahelei is to act within the international laws of morality, decency and legality.

Evidence of any act that could prove detrimental to the Royal House of Kamakahelei will result in immediate expulsion of that individual or group of individuals from the Royal House of Kamakahelei. The Crown Council will not hesitate to refer these matters to our Attorneys at Law and/or work with the relevant local and international legal authorities should this be deemed necessary.

The Royal House of Kamakahelei places on notice any individual, group or organisation that commits slander and/or defamation against the Royal House of Kamakahelei or its appointed officers, that this Royal House will institute legal proceedings against the individual, group or organisation committing slander and /or defamation to the full extent of the law.

Any questions may be directed to the Chancellor 

Disclaimer: Any reference made to Titles, Honours, Ranks/Grades, Awards, Post-Nominals and Membership Affiliations that are not applicable to, nor under the protection of the Royal House of Kamakahelei, are included on the official website as a courtesy only and their inclusion does not imply recognition, validation, or authentication by H.R.H. Prince Darrick, Head of the House of Kamakahelei.

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