Prince Ikekeleaiku of Kaua'i

Ali'i Prince Ikekeleaiku (Ikekela'aiku) of Kaua'i was the son of Ali'i Nui Queen Kamakahelei, Queen regnant of Kaua'i and also a brother of Ali'i Nui King Kaumualii. Prince Ikekeleaiku was H.R.H. Prince Darrick's 4th great grandfather and Head of the Royal House of Kamakahelei.

With the marriage of Prince Ikekeleaiku to Ali'i Maili Kaikilani, daughter of High Chief Napuupahoehoe of the House of Moana, the union united the Houses of Moana and Liloa with the Houses of Kaua'i and O'ahu.

The House of Moana produced a number of Royal consorts for the Ali'i Nui of Hawai'i to which they were a collateral branch. Each of the Royal Houses descended from Ali'i Nui King Liloa of Hawai'i and thus they were all branches of the Royal House of Liloa.

Hawaiian Genealogies: Extracted from Hawaiian Language Newspapers by Edith Kawelohea McKinzie.

"...I knew of one Queen Kamakahelei of Kauai, who had three children, two sons and one daughter, namely King Kaumualii (k), Ikekeleaiku (k) and Namakaokahai (w). Kaumualii was the grandfather of the late dowager Queen Kapiolani and Ikekeleaiku was the father of the late Governor Hoapili Baker*; consequently (Queen) Kamakahelei was the grandmother of (Governor) Hoapili Baker and great-grandmother of (Queen consort) Kapiolani..."
~ Ali'i Chief Kaikeoewa Palekaluhi Kamehamehanuiailuau.

Queen Kamakahelei's Ahuula

Queen Kamakahelei’s Ahuula used at her grandson’s funeral

"...the two of us who redid the Ahuula of Kahalelaukoa Hoapili Baker... Put in our hands was an old Ahuula that was damaged in some places. We unfurled it and plucked off once again the feathers, hearing at that time that the Ahuula belonged to Kamakahelei, the grandmother of Kahalelaukoa (mother of Ikekeleaiku).
~ Kanoe Kaaumoana

Liloa's Genealogy

*The name of 'Baker' was adopted by Robert Hoapili Baker from that of his mother's partner Capt. Adam C. Baker who had also been married to his Aunt Ali'i Luka. (Prince Ikekeleiaiku had died when his children were young). Adam and Luka Baker were the parents of H.E. Ali'i John Timoteo Baker who was stepbrother and first cousin to H.E. Ali'i Robert Kahalelaukoa Hoapili Baker.


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