Official Statement

The House of Kamakahelei

The head of the House of Kamakahelei is H.R.H. Prince Darrick of Hawai'i, Ali’i , senior member of the Royal House of Hawai'i and protector of the heritage and customs of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

H.R.H. Prince Darrick descends in a direct male line from Prince Ikekeleaiku, son of regnant Queen Kamakahelei of Kaua'i. The Ali'i from this ruling House are Princes of Kaua'i and cousins to the former ruling House of Kamehameha and the House of Kalakaua.

The House of Kamakahelei recognises the House of Kawananakoa with the head of their House, H.R.H. Prince Quentin, being another senior member of the Royal House of Hawai'i.

The House of Kamakahelei does not recognize any claim to any person or persons being the "Head of the Royal House of Hawai'i" without due election. An election by the Ali'i would be required as per traditional customs and protocol to appoint a "Head of the Royal House of Hawai'i" from candidates of the senior Ali'i only.

We recommend caution to all.

H.E. Col. Michael Thornley
Royal House of Hawai'i

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